SSA is Sending Mismatch Letters to Employers (Part II)

UPDATE: Social Security Mismatch Letter Compliance This article follows up on our first article on complying with Social Security mismatch letters. The new letters are somewhat different than letters sent in the past in that they do not attach the list of names and numbers which do not match. Rather, the letters instruct employers to […]

SSA is Sending Mismatch Letters to Employers

Social Security Mismatch Letter Compliance Many employers, particularly agricultural employers, are once again receiving mismatch letters from the Social Security Administration stating that W-2 forms for various employees contain names and/or Social Security numbers that do not match the Social Security Administration records, or that certain Social Security numbers are invalid. This article outlines the […]

New PFL & SDI Brochures Issued by EDD

The EDD Has Updated the Brochures for Paid Family Leave and Disability Insurance Provisions The California Employment Development Department (EDD) has updated two of the brochures that California employers are required to provide employees when appropriate. The first brochure is the Paid Family Leave (DE 2511) brochure, which employers must provide to newly hired employees […]

The Latest From the ALRB

California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board Requires Agricultural Employers to Walk an Increasingly Fine Line When it comes to employment laws and regulations, California employers operate in the most complex and onerous legal environment in the country. In a perfect world, all employers would have ample time, energy, and resources to comply with every law and […]

Registration for HRPA Certificate Program is Now Open

Registration is Now Open For the 2019 Human Resource Professional in Agriculture (HRPA) Certificate Program We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2019 Human Resource Professional in Agriculture (HRPA) Certificate Program. We invite all HR professionals, and particularly those working in agriculture, to participate in the program and stay current […]

Impact Leadership Conference Schedule Announced

Come Join Us at the Impact Leadership Conference in Visalia The Visalia Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the first annual Impact Leadership Conference on Thursday, March 21, 2019, at the Visalia Convention Center. This is an excellent opportunity for Central Valley employers and employees to participate in quality leadership and workforce training. The conference […]

Employees Cannot Sue Their Employer’s Payroll Provider

The California Supreme Court Recently Held That Employees Cannot Sue Their Employer’s Payroll Provider for Wage and Hour Violations Wage and hour lawsuits continue to be one of the most significant sources of liability in any California employer’s operations. According to recent studies, wage and hour lawsuits have increased more than fourfold since the earlier […]